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"My green pool cleared up in 3 days!" - Jerry G.

Mike Steele | pool care expert | pool maintenance pro

Mike Steele - “The Pool Doctor”

Pool Care Expert with 34+ Years Experience

In March 1988, Mike got a call from his lifelong friend, Allan, who had just bought a lawn and pool store. The conversation went like this: Allan inquired, “Mike, I need someone I can refer all these customers to for pool service.” Mike was quick to respond by simply saying, "Looks like I better figure out how to take care of pools, quickly.” Allan knew Mike would be the perfect person to teach himself how to be a pool care expert.

He has always had a passion to be the absolute best at everything he does and pool service would be no exception. At that time, there was no internet to go on and find information or how-to videos. Mike put in the hard work of reading and testing, along with a sheer desire and determination to be the best he could be at it. When he tackled a pool service job, Mike kept incredible notes on exactly what worked as well as the things that didn’t.

In a matter of a few months, he was tackling some of the worst pools you have ever seen. Pools that looked like green swamps. In less than a week, Mike could turn those swamps into a sparkling blue pool. Customers were telling Allan:

"Mike is incredible when it comes to taking care of my pool!”

By the end of his first year, Mike had a full-blown pool service company. He truly was a pool maintenance pro; installing pumps and filters, changing sand, cleaning green pools, and doing weekly pool maintenance. By the early 1990s, Mike started being called “the Pool Doctor”. If there was a problem with a pool that no one could figure out, it was time to call Mike "the Pool Doctor".

It was in the mid-1990s that Mike started to realize that people just did not take care of their pool properly. So how could he help with this problem? Do more pool maintenance!

Mike’s weekly pool maintenance jobs tripled over the next 2 years as he promised his customers they would never have a green swimming pool if they hired him to take care of their pool. He wanted to save them as much money as possible on chemical costs and repairs, which would in turn help cover the cost of his weekly pool service.

Over the past 30+ years, Mike's pool service has been extremely successful. Plus, he has never hired employees to do any of his pool service work or pool maintenance. Every pool job that was taken on, was done by Mike personally.

When asked why, Mike said: "When a customer hires me to do a pool service or maintenance job, it is my responsibility to make sure the job is done correctly. I know if I do the job it will be done right. Swimming pools are very expensive. And when a customer has spent thousands of dollars on a pool, I want to make sure they are getting the very best service to properly take care of their investment. Could I make more money if I hired people? Absolutely! But, I simply cannot trust people to go out and do the work like I know I would. My name and reputation are on the line. I don't post on social media and I don't run ads. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is! I have customers that I have been working with, doing swimming pool service and weekly pool maintenance work, for over 20 years. To me, that is what it's all about.”
Now, for the first time ever, Mike is sharing all the knowledge he has learned over the past 30+ years as a pool care expert in these first-of-their-kind Pool School Videos. You will learn:
All his tips, tricks, and secrets to help you save money on chemicals,His secrets to keeping a pool from turning green, andHow to identify problems before they cost you major money to repair.
Let's face it, you have a big investment in your pool. Do you know how to protect that investment on your own? If not, then these Pool School Videos are for you!
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You can learn how to maintain your pool the right way, straight from The Pool Doctor!

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