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Privacy Policy

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*****LAST UPDATED MAY 14, 2022*****


This Privacy Policy discloses the data protection practices of BBQ Champs Academy, Inc., dba Pool School Videos (the “Company”).  This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected by the Company from its websites, applications, digital content, software, social media groups, or other digital services (“Services”).  By registering with the Company, accessing or using the Services, you expressly consent, without limitation or modification, to be bound by this Privacy Policy and the Company’s Terms of Use (Link), and all applicable laws.  If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy, you may not access or use the Services.


In providing the Services, the Company obtains information about you.  Certain types of information are needed from you so that the Company can provide the Services.  If we do not possess such information, or if it is deleted at your request, it may affect your ability to access or use the Services.  The information we obtain includes:


The Company collects information that you provide directly when using the Services.  Such information is collected in various ways that are directly input by you, and may include without limitation:

a. Your personal information such as name, username, e-mail address, physical address, mailing address, postal code, telephone number, password, order and payment information.

b. Information you chose to provide such as ratings, preferences, account settings, customer service interactions, comments, reviews, posts and uploads that you provide while using the Services.


 The Company collects information about you as you use the Services. The Company, and its service providers and contractors who work on behalf of the Company, use a variety of technologies, including cookies and other tools, to assist in collecting information that is used to improve the Services and marketing and to prevent violations of the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

a. When you use the Services, the Company and its service providers or contractors may collect general location information from your computer or mobile device, such as IP address and/or the city, state or postal code associated with the IP address.

b. When you access or use the Services through the Company’s website, the Company and its service providers and contractors may obtain and analyze information such as IP address, operating system, type of browser, browser language, software and hardware information, referring and exit pages and URLs, pages viewed and the order of such viewing, the number of clicks, the date and time of use, error logs and other similar information.

c. When you access the Services through a mobile application, software or device, the Company automatically receives information about the device used to access the Services, including device identifiers, IP address, operating system, browser type, internet service provider, domain name, updates to the application, when updates were performed, date and time of use, how the Services are used and other similar information.


The Company obtains information from outside sources that is protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy in addition to any restrictions imposed by the source of the data.  The sources of data vary and are subject to change, but may include without limitation:

a. Service providers that assist in the determination of a location based on an IP address, which is used to customize the Company’s services, prevent fraud, and other uses that are in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

b. Payment service providers that provide the Company with payment information based on your access and use of their services.

c. Data providers from which the Company obtains demographic and online advertising-related data; and

d. Sources of data that are publicly available such as government databases.


The Company obtains information about you from social media and other content platforms when you access or use the Services from a third-party connection or log-in (such as Facebook  Instagram or TicTok) or directly on those platforms.  By accessing or using the Services in such manner, you allow the Company to obtain information available on your profile or in comments, posts and uploads made by you.  Depending on your settings on the third-party platform, such information may include your name, gender, date of birth, address, location, contact information, photographs, your activity on the platform, and the identity of your “friends”, followers and those you follow.  If you do not want the Company to have access to such information, do not access the Services from or use the Services in connection with any third-party platform.  All content and information on the third-party platforms are governed by the terms of use and privacy policy of each platform, which may allow you to set particular privacy settings.  In using the Services, you may have the option to disclose or post content and information regarding your use of the Services on a third-party platform (such as Facebook, TikTok or Instagram), and you acknowledge that such content and information may be viewed or accessed by other users of the third-party platform or the public.

The Company does not obtain, store or use your “sensitive information” as defined by the Australian Privacy Principles or the European Union Data Protection Regulation.


 The Company uses your information to provide and enhance its Services and marketing, to process orders and payments, and to communicate with you.  The Company also may combine information obtained through the Services with information obtained from other sources for use in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  Uses of your information may include without limitation:

  1. Completing purchases and providing the Services to you, including any updates to the Services;
  2. Determining your general geographic location in order to provide promotional and local content, to determine your internet service provider and to provide enhanced customer support.
  3. Communicating with you regarding the Company’s services, customer service and technological issues, promotions, contests, consumer surveys and other topics relating to the Company’s provision of its services.
  4. Detecting, investigating and preventing potentially prohibited, unlawful or illegal activities, such as fraud, or to enforce the Company’s Terms of Service.
  5. Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and procedures in the interest of the Company or others.

The Company may anonymize and/or aggregate information obtained so that it can no longer be identified as pertaining to you which may be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy or for any other use such as sharing with third-parties, including without limitation advertisers, marketers, and sponsors.

If the Company is notified or otherwise learns that it has received unsolicited information that violates this Privacy Policy, it will take reasonable steps to destroy the information as soon as practicable.


The Company will disclose your information to third-parties for the following purposes:

  1. To service providers and contractors that the Company uses to provide the Services to you or to perform services on its behalf. The Company’s service providers and contractors provide services such as infrastructure and IT services, communications, technical support, customer service, marketing, advertising, personalizing and optimizing service to users, processing payment methods such as credit cards, debt collection, and consumer surveys.  The Company does not authorize them to disclose or otherwise use your information except for its provision of services to the Company.
  2. In the Company’s discretion to comply with any law, governmental request or court order.
  3. To enforce its Terms of Use or investigation of violations thereof.
  4. To address illegal or suspected illegal activities, technical issues or security problems.
  5. In connection with any merger, sale, restructuring, transfer of assets or other reorganization, the Company will disclose and transfer your information and take reasonable measures to ensure your information is handled consistently with this Privacy Policy.

When the Company discloses your information to a country not contained in the European Economic Area and other areas with data protection laws, the Company will take reasonable measures to ensure that your information is disclosed consistently with this Privacy Policy unless contrary to applicable laws.


The Company may collect and use your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy on the following legal bases:

  1. Use of your information that is necessary to perform the Company’s obligations to you pursuant to the Terms of Use;
  2. Use of your information to protect the Company’s legitimate interests or the interests of others, including without limitation, providing the Services and operating the Company, complying with legal obligations, protecting legal rights, providing website security, and making or receiving payments. 


As discussed above, the Company collects information about you automatically when you access and use the Services.  The Company and its service providers and contractors use cookies, internet service logs, tracking pixels, and other similar tracking technologies to collect your information.


Cookies and similar technologies allow the Company to recognize you and provide a more customized experience by remembering your browsing preferences.  A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device or computer when you access or use the Services that permits the Company to recognize your device, store your settings and other preferences, assist with security functions, determine the sites visited while using the Services, and provide and monitor content and advertising tailored to your interests, and perform searches and analytics.  Some cookies are placed in the device’s browser cache, but those related to Flash technologies are stored with the device’s Adobe Flash Player files.  Information collected by cookies and the reasons for use, include without limitation:

a. Your username, password, IP address, and browser type to allow identification for subsequent visits to the Services;

b. Your viewing preferences (such as language or layout) to customize your access;

c. Your use of the Services, including frequency of visits, pages views, the number of clicks, the duration of time spent using the Services, whether it is your first visit or use of the Services, and the name of the website visited prior to accessing the Services;

d. Customization of marketing and advertising viewed while using the Services, whether by the Company or third-parties; and

e. Compilation and analysis of information to determine customer trends.

f. The Company may gather other information in accordance with this Privacy Policy as it adopts additional technologies.


 The Company uses various types of cookies in administering the Services, including cookies created by the Company and cookies created by third-parties.  The cookies created by the Company include cookies that are essential to the operation of the Services or provide functions in the use of the Services.  The cookies created by the Company also allow the Company to collect aggregate and anonymous statistics regarding usage of the Services.

When you use the Services, some third-parties also place cookies on your device, access the cookies, or associate web beacons with them.  The cookies placed by third-parties allow the third-parties to recognize your device when using the Services and on other websites.  Some cookies placed by third-parties are necessary for the function of the Services.  Other cookies placed by third-parties collect information about your preferences and browsing habits.  Those cookies allow the Company and third-parties to display relevant ads within the Services or on affiliate’s websites. 


 The Company places both temporary cookies and permanent cookies on your device, and each type is stored for various periods of time.  Temporary cookies are used to assign and register a session ID while using the Services and are used internally for reporting purposes.  A temporary cookie does not leave data on your hard drive and terminates when the internet browser is closed.  A permanent cookie allows the Company to collect users’ browsing history to customize the Services.  The length of time a permanent cookie is stored varies and is not terminated upon closing the internet browser. 


You must consent to the Company placing cookies or other technologies on your device or computer.  You may manage or block cookies on your browser and with Flash management tools.  You may not have access to some portions and features of the Services is you manage, block or disable cookies.



 The Services may include advertising technology by third-parties that allow for relevant advertising and other content for users when accessing or using the Services or other websites and applications.  The advertisement or content is based upon information about you such as from the websites you visit, information you enter, your searches, demographic information, or other information collected from you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  Third-parties may also place cookies or other technologies on your devices to obtain this information from you and may access those cookies to provide tailored advertisements to you while using the Services or other websites or applications.

The Company does not manage or control the use of such cookies other technologies by third-parties, and such cookies and other technologies are not governed by this Privacy Policy.  There are several websites that provide information regarding an opt-out of tailored advertising such as: 

These opt-out links are provided for your convenience.  The Company does not control or manage such links and is not responsible for them or whether any particular third-party participates in those programs.  Utilizing these links does not preclude advertisements from appearing within the Services and affects whether they are tailored to you.


The Company may use third-party analytics services, such as Google Analytics, in conjunction with its Services to obtain and analyze information regarding usage, to assist in the prevention of fraud, to perform audits, research, and reporting, and to provide certain aspects of the Services.  The analytics services may allow the Company to collect information regarding e-mail correspondence you receive from the Company, including the time and date the e-mail was opened, and whether any links in the e-mail communication were clicked.  This information assists the Company in maximizing the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

You may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated .


In certain web browsers, users may set a privacy preference called “Do Not Track” (“DNT”).  The Company provides several ways in which users may opt out of or otherwise control the collection and use of their information; however, the Company currently does not recognize or respond to browser-initiated DNT signals.



You may contact the Company to inquire about the information the Company possess about you through the manner provided in the “Contact” section below.  Applicable laws may permit you to make certain requests regarding your information, including without limitation, that the Company perform the following:

a. Provide access to and/or copies of certain information that the Company has about you;

b. Update incorrect or out-of-date information;

c. Delete certain information that the Company possesses about you;

d. Revoke your consent for the Company to process your information;

e. Prevent the processing of your information for the purpose of direct-marketing;

f. Restrict the manner in which the Company processes and discloses certain information about you; and

g. Transfer your information to a third-party service provider.

The Company will consider all requests and provide a response within the time provided by applicable law.  For your protection the Company may require verification from you before disclosing your personal information.  Some information may be exempt from such requests, including information that is required for compliance with a legal obligation or for the Company’s legitimate interests. 


 You may receive communications from the Company regarding promotions, products, services, or special events.  You may request that the Company not use your information for such communications, by contacting the Company in the manner provided in the “Contact” section below.  Marketing e-mails also contain instructions to opt out of receiving them in the future.  The Company may still use your information to contact your in accordance with this Privacy Policy or applicable law for various reasons, including without limitation, regarding your transactions, your relationship with the Company, critical Company announcements, or notifications regarding the Services.


The Company will possess your information only for the necessary period of time to accomplish the purpose for which it was collected, or as required to comply with all applicable laws.  The Company takes reasonable technological, physical, and administrative measures to protect your personal information from inadvertent disclosure; however, cannot guaranty security of your information.  By using the Services or providing your personal information, you assume the risk of disclosure and unauthorized use of your information.  The Company will not be liable or responsible for and damages or losses you sustain as a result of a leak of your personal information unless it has breached this Privacy Policy or applicable laws.


The Services may contain links to websites operated by third-parties, such as Facebook, and may contain plug-ins for third-party sites.  By using those links or plug-ins you acknowledge that your information may be disclosed to those third-parties, their users, and the public.  You acknowledge and agree that the Company is not liable or responsible for content or operation of third-party sites or services.  The collection and use of your data by the third-parties will be governed by the terms of use and privacy policies for those third-parties’ sites, which should be read by you.


From time to time the Company may, in its sole discretion, amend, supplement or otherwise modify the Privacy Policy in response to legal, regulatory or operational requirements.  The amended, supplemented or modified Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately upon being posted to the Services.  If you do not agree to all of the amended and/or supplemented Privacy Policy, do not access the Services and cease use of all of the Company’s Services immediately.  By continuing to access or use the Company’s Services, you expressly consent, without limitation or modification, to be bound by the amended, supplemented or modified Privacy Policy.


You must be over thirteen (13) years of age to access or use the Services in the United States. If the Company is made aware that it inadvertently collected personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13) without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, it will take reasonable measures to delete such information in a timely manner.  The Company does not intend to obtain or process data of European Union residents under the age of sixteen (16) without the valid consent of a parent or guardian.  If the Company is made aware that it inadvertently collected personal information from European Union residents under the age of sixteen (16) without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, it will take reasonable measures to delete such information in a timely manner.  You must meet the applicable age of majority in the jurisdiction where you are accessing the Services.  If the Company is made aware that it inadvertently collected personal information from a minor in a jurisdiction outside of the United State or the European Union without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, it will take reasonable measures to delete such information in a timely manner.  Parents or guardians who access the Services share the contents with their minor children in the parents’ or guardians’ discretion. 


In accordance with California law, the Company does not share your personal information with third-parties for their own direct marketing purposes.


The Company is located in the United States and processes your information in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The Company may subcontract the processing of your data to or and share your data with its service providers and contractors in accordance with this Privacy Policy, which data may be processed and stored outside of your jurisdiction of residence, including in the United States, in accordance with applicable law.  If you are not located in the United States when accessing or using the Services, you acknowledge that you are transferring data to a country and jurisdiction that may have privacy laws that differ from the jurisdiction where you are located.


You may contact the Company by e-mail regarding this Privacy Policy and the Company’s data practices, including without limitation, requests to review, modify or delete your information or to report any alleged breach of this Privacy Policy, at: info@poolschoolvideos.com

Please provide specific information regarding your concern, your request, or any alleged breach, along with a means for the Company to contact you.  The Company will review your correspondence and provide a response within thirty (30) days.





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