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The Benefits of Chlorine Tablets vs. Liquid Chlorine

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Chlorine is one of the most widely used and effective chemicals to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your pool. You have 2 different options to choose from, chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine. Let's look at the benefits each one offers.        

Chlorine tablets are one of the most popular choices among pool owners. The tablets are compressed tightly and are very slow dissolving. They also have a long shelf life, which makes them a cost effective option over liquid chlorine. When added to an automatic chlorine feeder or floater it will provide a consistent release of chlorine to the water. Just be careful you are not adding too many tablets as it can over chlorinate the pool, which can cause harm to swimmers and can damage the pool equipment. Once you figure the correct amount to use for your pool it will be one of the easiest ways to keep even chlorine levels in your pool.

However, there are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of. The use of chlorine tablets  can cause inconsistent PH levels in the pool. If not corrected, over time it can cause scaling and can damage the pool surface and equipment if proper PH levels are not maintained. One other thing, using chlorine tablets will raise the cyanuric acid levels in the pool. If the cyanuric levels get extremely high it can cause the pool to go into chlorine lock. Once that happens you will not get a chlorine reading. To lower the level of cyanuric acid all you have to do is drain 50-70% of the pool water out and add fresh water. 

Now let's take a look at liquid chlorine. Liquid chlorine is also a fast-acting and effective sanitizer, which will immediately raise the chlorine level. It does offer a little more control on how much chlorine is being added to the pool. All you have to do is measure out what is needed to raise the chlorine level and add directly to the pool. The big disadvantage with this is during the hot summer months you will have to add it every 1 to 2 days and that can get costly. Another disadvantage with liquid chlorine is its shelf like. In as little as 4-6 weeks the potency starts to deteriorate. You can buy only what you need for a short period of time, but that makes it less cost-effective in the long run.

Choosing between liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets is entirely up to the user. If you don't mind adding liquid chlorine every time the chlorine level gets low and having to make frequent trips to buy, then it might be the right choice for you. But if you want convenience, a stack of chlorine tablets is the way to go. It also helps that tablets are cost-effective and have a long shelf life. The best choice will depend on your pool's specific needs and your preferences as a pool owner. It's essential to regularly test and monitor the pool's chemical levels and consult with a pool professional to ensure that your pool is balanced and safe.

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