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Easy-to-follow. Expert advice. Put simply, these pool care how-to videos work!

"My green pool cleared up in 3 days!" - Jerry G.

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To help every pool owner be a DIY pool expert

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Never have a green pool again?Solve equipment issues yourself?Save 40% on pool chemicals?Clean your pool in 15 mins?Not have to hire a pool service?Avoid future costly repairs?And more!
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Learn how to fix a green pool fast, and never have it come back

The 4 Takeaways

Nine Things That Can Cause A Cloudy Pool
Why My Green Pool Won't Clear Up
One Thing That Will Destroy Your Gunite Finish
How To Identify Pool Pump Problems
Pool Maintenance 101 Made Easy

Easy, step-by-step instructions to take care of your pool

By watching these online swimming pool maintenance videos, you’ll be able to:

1. Be your own pool expert, and solve any pool problem yourself.
2. Prevent future issues, such as having a cloudy pool.
3. Use your pool whenever you want, safely & cost-effectively.
4. Get all your how-to pool maintenance questions answered in one place.

Stop Researching Everywhere

Pool School Videos is a one-stop shop for all of your pool maintenance needs.

Our pool care how-to videos will walk you through everything you need for:

Specific problems, such as how to fix a cloudy pool or green poolBasic pool maintenanceKeeping your pool motor healthySaving money on chemicalsAnd more!

Did You Know?

The average cost to repair a pump motor is around $600 just for parts (not including labor)


Avoid Costly Pool Maintenance Repairs Like This

Our online swimming pool maintenance videos will help you avoid pool repairs, trips to the pool store, unnecessary pool chemical expenses, and more by explaining how to properly care for your pool.
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