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Why Is My Pool Green?

Easy-to-follow. Expert advice. Put simply, these pool care how-to videos work!

"My green pool cleared up in 3 days!" - Jerry G.

Understanding the various factors that can lead to the growth of algae in a swimming pool can be overwhelming. In the real world when you don't deal with it every day it can be difficult to clear up a green pool. Trying to pinpoint exactly what caused it to turn green can be even more challenging. Algae bloom, inadequate filtration, poor water circulation, heavy rain, and improper chemical balance are just a few of the things that can cause a pool to turn green. Each one of these has certain things that must be looked at in order to find the problem that is causing the pool to be green.

Let's take a look at just one of the problems listed above. There can be as many as 9 things that can cause poor water circulation. Trying to figure all these out takes years of experience. Most bloggers and influencers will write about basic information that is being rehashed over and over again by other writers. When in fact you have to dig deeper to find the root of the problem. It is not just cleaning the filters, backwashing the filter or replacing the sand. It could be the pump run time, pump issues, and collapsed lines, just to name a few of the 9 things that I have seen. Trying to write about each of these in detail would be confusing to fully understand. 

The good news is, you have help available for green pools with Pool School Videos! Mike Steele, aka “The Pool Doc”, has over 30 years of experience as a pool maintenance and service professional. In his series of 24 videos he has 2 specific videos that will show you exactly how to identify and fix the problems that can cause a green pool. No more guess work, no more reading countless blogs. Just follow the simple step by step instructions in the videos.

When you purchase Pool School Videos, you have access to all 24 videos whenever you want and can watch them as many times as necessary.

Plus, with your purchase, you become a member of our private Facebook group. You can ask specific questions that you have and you will get a personal response from Mike with customized guidance within 24 hours!

Pool School Videos provides clear, concise information on how to properly take care of your pool. You simply won’t find this level of information anywhere else. Get started today!

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