Cloudy water in your swimming pool is not quite what you pictured for your family and friends, right? When you consider the hair, grime, bodily fluids, skin, and oils that are carried into the pool by swimmers, it’s not surprising that, sometimes, the water is less than crystal clear. Add to that dust, pollen, and anything else carried by air and the problem worsens. It’s not safe to swim in, so it’s a problem that needs to be taken seriously.

First, let’s make sure we understand the varying degrees of “cloudy” water:

– Dull: There is little noticeable change in the water, but it starts to lose its sparkle and luster.

– Hazy: The depths of the pool are barely visible any longer and you can’t make out any details on the bottom.

– Cloudy: The water looks milky and the deepest part of the pool isn’t visible at all. 

– Opaque: You can’t see through the water at all.

The next step to correcting this problem is to learn more about the causes and what can be done to prevent it.


Common Reasons for Cloudy Pool Water

Here are some common answers to the question, “What makes pool water cloudy?”:

High Calcium Hardness

High calcium levels in your pool water can result in cloudiness, plus the calcium builds up in the plumbing for the pool, too. Generally, calcium builds up when your pool water is not properly balanced. Common problems that cause imbalances include a high pH, evaporation, and fluctuating temperatures.


Imbalanced Alkalinity Level

As people get into a swimming pool, they bring with them acid excreted through sweat. The soap they use in the shower, their sunscreen, and other products people use routinely all leave chemicals in the pool water. These secretions and chemicals affect the alkalinity level in the water, which in turn provides a breeding ground for algae and causes calcium buildup. The result is a cloudy pool.


Water Temperature


why is my pool water cloudy | what can make a pool cloudy

As pool water heats up, the temperature affects the breakdown of chlorine. Bacteria flourish in warm temperatures. Once the bacteria is present, it becomes a breeding ground for more growth and free chlorine is depleted. The water clarity suffers when this happens. A pool’s temperature should generally be between 78 to 82 degrees F. If your pool is heated, make sure you are regularly testing the chlorine levels. 


Low Chlorine Level

As those contaminants already mentioned build up in your swimming pool water, the effectiveness of the chlorine is reduced. The bottom line, this means the chlorine simply can’t do its job as a disinfectant any longer. The contaminants take over and the pool water becomes cloudy. 


Poor Circulation

Simply put, keep the water moving! If the water becomes still, it next becomes stagnant and a perfect breeding ground for germs, algae, and then cloudy water. Make sure the pump size is right for your pool and check for dead spots where the circulation of the water is lessened. 


Poor Filtration

As soon as you notice cloudiness in your pool water, check the filter. If it’s not the right size or otherwise not the right filter for your pool, it isn’t catching the particulates and contaminants in your pool. Just like the filter on your air conditioning, the pool filter can’t be ignored and then expected to do its job.


Other Causes of Cloudy Pool Water


pool maintenance for a cloudy pool | why is my pool water cloudy

As with any high-maintenance equipment, the owner has a responsibility for preventative maintenance. If that isn’t taken seriously, it could be said that the pool owner is causing cloudiness in the water. Errors in chemical application are probably the most common mistakes owners make, such as adding too many chemicals at once or using chlorine products in a biguanide pool. 

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Pool School Videos Can Solve the Problem of Why Your Pool Water is Cloudy


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It’s upsetting to a swimming pool owner for the water to become cloudy, and it isn’t healthy to let people in it at that point. There are a variety of reasons for the cloudiness, from suntan lotion to dirt and dust in the air. Which makes it an ongoing battle to keep the water clean for your family and friends. Don’t worry, though; It can be corrected!

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