Maybe your family has been enjoying your pool for a while now but lately, you’ve been considering putting an enclosure over the pool area. Of course, in this scenario, it is common to wonder about the value/benefits versus the expense.

To help with this decision, we’ve put together five of the top reasons a pool enclosure will prove to be a smart investment in the enjoyment of the pool area but also in the value of your home itself.


Why You Need a Pool Enclosure for Your Pool Area:


#1 – Simply Put, It Expands the Time Available to Enjoy Your Pool! 

You may have spent hours cleaning the pool as well as the entire pool area so you can have guests over this weekend. The barbecue grill is fired up and the food is laid out on the patio tables. The weather doesn’t care about all that. It can change quickly and spoil the party for everyone.

Also, once it gets cold (or cooler if your area doesn’t experience winter to any significant degree), many pool owners have to winterize the pool and shut it down for months. Your investment is of no use to you during that time. An enclosure works to capture the heat available for longer periods of time.

Either of these reasons (or both) are high on any list of reasons to enclose the pool area. With a pool enclosure, your family and friends can relax and swim longer throughout the year, no matter what the weather is doing. 

Read on to find out more about how an enclosure works to your advantage for more than simply swimming during good weather.


#2 – A Pool Enclosure Will Safely Lower Your Costs Related to Water Temperature in the Pool

pool enclosure keeps water warm | reasons for pool enclosure | benefits of a pool enclosure

Without an enclosure, your power bill reflects the cost of keeping the water at a comfortable temperature. This is especially true for pool owners living in areas that are cooler all year in comparison to those living in warmer climates

An enclosure captures the heat that is a result of the solar radiation present during the day. It prevents thermal loss and is an environmentally-friendly water heater, thus reducing your costs of heating the pool. 

The radiation from the sun, however, can be dangerous to people. The enclosure will also help protect people from harmful UV radiation, while still allowing the heat from the sun to warm the water.


#3 – Your Pool Will Be Less Work to Keep Clean

Pine needles. Leaves. Dirt. Sticks. You may have even scooped out snakes, insects, and frogs! All of it needs to be removed from your pool daily. You don’t want this debris to clog your filter, either, causing further expensive damage to the pool. Plus, how many hours have you wasted skimming and scooping rather than swimming, especially if your pool is a big one?

Enclosing your pool will cut that time down so you can enjoy it more and work less. Not only the investment of time skimming critters and debris, but also scrubbing and sanitizing it to prevent algae buildup. You won’t need to replace pool covers, filters, or liners as often, either. And you will spend less on chemicals because the pool will stay cleaner longer.


#4 – An Enclosure Offers Many Health Benefits All Year

health benefits of pool enclosure | reasons for pool enclosure | benefits of a pool enclosure

Many people use their pool as their at-home gym. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for all ages, even into our later years. It improves cardiovascular health, increases endurance, and builds overall strength, all without impacting our joints and bones as other forms of exercise can. 

For people with arthritis, many kinds of injuries, or any physical problem making high-impact exercise difficult, working out in a pool is therapeutic. It is also good for those struggling with mental health problems as water often has a calming effect.

So, overall, a covered swimming pool that is accessible all year not only increases the fun and enjoyment of the pool but also retains its usefulness for our fitness and health goals. No more payments to the gym!


#5 – Your Pool Area Will Be Secure

Accidents happen in an instant. Children are masters at slipping by adults to explore anything that catches their attention. Small pets can fall into the pool and not be able to get out. Either of these scenarios would be tragic for everyone involved. A pool enclosure of some kind is essential for pool owners with children. Enclosures help provide security for the pool area and protect not only your children but those from surrounding homes, too. It is essential to think about this level of protection ahead of time instead of after an accident happens.


Help Keep Your Pool in Use & Protected With a Pool Enclosure

benefits of a pool enclosure | reasons for a pool enclosure

Your swimming pool provides your family and friends hours of enjoyment. An enclosure adds a lot of time to all that fun in so many ways, from fewer hours spent cleaning the pool to providing protection from less-than-perfect weather. 

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