Once you balance the chemicals in your swimming pool and have the water crystal-clear for your family and friends, it’s time to have fun! The right selection of swimming pool accessories provides something for both adults and kids and helps make your pool time as fun and easy as possible. And the accessories don’t have to be expensive or take up much room, either!

So, change into your bathing suit and get ready for summer days of fun! In this article, we’ve put together a list of 12 essential pool accessories you need to have. Which one will be your favorite?


Enjoy Your Time With These Top Pool Accessories:


#1 – Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

You can’t have a pool party without music! A floating speaker that connects wirelessly to a device with your playlists puts the music in the center of the action in the pool. 


#2 – Pool Floats, Noodles, and Loungers

Once you have some great tunes playing, it’s time to get out the pool floats, noodles, and loungers. These items come in many varieties and prices, so you can purchase an assortment to offer everyone.


#3 – Inflatable Water Slide

Kids of all ages love a water slide! Children, teens, and adults can safely enjoy sliding down an inflatable slide into the pool. Plus, it can be moved to different spots around the pool area.

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#4 – Goggles

Invest in a few pairs for those who are hesitant to put their face in the water. Kids love them! Goggles improve visibility underwater and also work well for water activities, like racing, snorkeling, diving, and games.


#5 – Games, Games, and More Games

It’s just not family pool time without plenty of games for everyone! Games provide the ideal pastime for the whole family to enjoy together. Whether it’s an inflatable basketball hoop, a volleyball net, or water blasters, make sure to provide a selection for all ages and interests. You can change the scoring and rules depending on how many people want to play and the age level of the players. Include those sitting poolside, too!


#6 – Waterproof Camera

Why have all this summer fun in the pool and not capture the memories? There’s a variety of waterproof cameras you can get without spending a ton of money, so add it to your pool accessories list and create a summer album.


#7 – Floating Drink & Snack Caddy

When the adults take over the pool, wow your guests with a well-stocked floating drink and snack caddy! No one has to leave the fun to get out of the pool for their drink or a snack. Simply grab it off the caddy!  

floating drink caddy pool accessory | essential pool accessories | swimming pool accessories


#8 – Pool Lighting

Invest in some pool lighting and change the ambiance of your pool once the sun goes down. You will be able to use your pool longer, and there are hundreds of styles and costs to choose from. Consider going solar, too!


#9 – Colorful Beach Towels

Your family can have fun picking out their beach towels for the pool area. Everyone can choose their own color, along with designs that reflect their personalities so the towels are easy to identify. Have a few extras for guests, too. Your good towels inside the house won’t get dirty or faded by being used outside, either.


#10 – Waterproof Cases For Your Smartphones

Your family probably has multiple smartphones and unless they are already waterproof they are at risk around the pool! Invest in waterproof phone cases for all of them when they are being used near or in the pool. Then, you won’t have to worry about the phones being ruined in the water. 

waterproof phone case for pool | essential pool accessories | swimming pool accessories


#11 – Robotic Pool Cleaners, Vacuums, and Scrubbing Mitts

You already spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your pool. Don’t spend more time than you must, though. Invest in a robotic pool cleaner, a pool vacuum, and scrubbing mitts to make the necessary tasks as easy as possible for you. Then, enjoy more time in the pool having fun with your friends and family!


#12 – First Aid Kit

Now that you have everything you need to assure a summer of fun, don’t forget to have a well-stocked first aid kit outside near the pool. Don’t rely on the one in the garage or house; that may be too far away for immediate use. You may never need it but don’t get caught unprepared if you do.


Have the Best Summer Ever with Essential Pool Accessories!

essential pool accessories for summer | pool accessory | swimming pool accessories

With some thought and preparation, you can offer the best summer ever to your family and guests in your swimming pool! These 12 essential pool accessories cover everything from games and comfort to a few necessities, too.

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