Summertime is quickly approaching and you want to make the most of your pool area this season to cool off on those hot days. But it can be easy to get bored with your pool area.

So, how exactly do you make it more fun and inviting without breaking the bank? Here are some low-cost ways to spruce up your pool area and create a space that everyone will love:


#1 – Add Some Color

A little color can go a long way in making your pool area more inviting. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add some more personality to your pool area is by using colorful outdoor cushions and pillows. 

You can mix and match different patterns and sizes to create a fun and eclectic look that reflects your taste and style. These cushions can be easily found at affordable prices in home decor stores or online

Other ways that you can bring in more color are by adding a bright umbrella or some fun pool toys. Not only will adding pops of color make your pool area look more fun, but it will also create a happy and inviting atmosphere.


#2 – Create a Relaxing and Comfortable Space

Your pool area should be a place where you can relax, unwind, and soak up the sun. Adding some comfortable seating, such as a hammock or lounge chairs, will give you and your guests a place to lounge around in between swims. You can find a wide range of affordable outdoor furniture that is perfect for poolside relaxation, creating a tranquil and inviting space.

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#3 – Add Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are an easy and inexpensive way to add some comfort and style to your pool deck or patio. These rugs come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, and can add the perfect touch of coziness to your outdoor space. Plus, they help keep the high-traffic pool deck areas cool and slip-resistant.


#4 – Make Sure You’ve Got Some Shade

More shade in your pool area can be a great way to make it more inviting on hot summer days. You can use a pergola, gazebo, outdoor umbrellas, or awnings to increase shade coverage and create more areas for you and your guests to cool down.


#5 – Light It Up

Ambient lighting can create a magical night time atmosphere in your pool area. Outdoor string lights are an excellent way to do this. You can string the lights along the fence or around the trees to add some sparkle and illumination to your pool area. 

There are a variety of bulb styles and colors to choose from, or even better, get solar-powered string lights to allow free and costless lighting. You can also add some floating pool lights, lanterns, or LED candles. Lighting like this not only adds some ambiance to your pool area but will also make it more enjoyable and accessible during the evening hours.


#6 – Incorporate Some Greenery

Adding plants and flowers to your pool area is an easy way to make it feel more like a tropical oasis. Use potted plants to add some greenery and extra shade around the pool or create a vertical garden on a nearby wall. Not only will it add some color and make your space look more inviting, but plants also help to purify the air and create a calming atmosphere.

Incorporating some bright flowers is also another way to add more color to your pool area. Use decorative pots, and choose vibrant colored flowers or plants. A few strategically placed potted plants can transform a lifeless pool area into a vibrant, peaceful haven. 

pool landscaping | low cost pool area upgrades | make your pool area more inviting
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#7 – Upgrade Your Accessories

As you can see so far, small changes can make a big difference in your pool area. Some more ways you can do this is by upgrading your pool towels, adding some poolside games like corn hole or giant Jenga, or investing in a Bluetooth speaker to enhance the mood with music. These small upgrades can make your pool area more enjoyable for everyone.


#8 – DIY Pool Games & Toys

Having fun pool games and toys on hand can create a more enjoyable pool atmosphere. But, upgrading your pool accessories doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a ton of money on new items. Instead of buying expensive pool toys, you can create your DIY games and toys at home with recycled and inexpensive materials. For example, you could make a floating pool noodle beverage holder, a homemade giant Jenga game out of scrap wood, a pool noodle basketball hoop, or a DIY pool volleyball net.


You Can Easily Level-Up Your Pool Area Today!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your pool area more fun and inviting. This is especially true in the springtime when a lot of stores are having sales on these types of items. By using these budget-friendly ideas that we’ve covered above, you can create a fun and inviting space without overspending. With a little creativity, some effort, and a few low-budget changes, your pool area will be transformed into a cheerful and entertaining oasis that you can enjoy all summer long. So, get creative and start enjoying your pool area today!

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