Swimming pool owners like you are always on the lookout for ways to reduce the time and costs of maintaining their pool. This includes reducing energy costs as well as getting the longest life from your pool equipment. The addition of a pool pump timer will help with these concerns. 

In this article, we will take a look at exactly what a timer does as well as the benefits of installing a pool pump timer and how it can be a great investment as you prepare to open your swimming pool for warmer weather.


The Function of a Pool Pump Timer

Pool pump timers automatically control when the pump turns on, how long it stays on, and when it turns off. You control these times and durations by setting the timer to meet the needs you have determined for your pool and how it is used.

Once you have set the timer, you are free to do other, more important things. You won’t have to worry about the pump when you are on vacation or when you’re in the middle of your workday and can’t remember if you turned the pump off. Your pump will run consistently and your pool will be clean and sanitary without intruding on your time.


The Top Benefits of Using a Pool Pump Timer

Having a pool pump timer can be a great way to help improve the efficiency of your pool’s filtration system while also helping you save money from the operation of your pool. Here is a breakdown of the top benefits of pool pump timers: 

#1 – Lower Energy Consumption

This is the primary reason most people use a pool pump timer. The pump is one of the pool system’s largest energy users. You can significantly reduce your power bills by taking note of how much your pool is used as well as the peak hours of use.

You may find that you have been running the pump for too many hours a day, based on when the pool is actually being used. You can adjust the timer to run the pump based on the actual usage of the pool. Instead of eight hours, you might cut the pump back to six hours or even less and reap the reward of lower power bills. 

saving money with a pool pump timer | pool pump timers

You can also take advantage of off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.  This varies based on your location, but in general, peak hours in the summer are from about 2 PM until 6 PM. In the winter, peak hours are in the morning. Energy is also usually cheaper at night and many companies charge off-peak rates during weekends and holidays. You can also check out time-of-use plans available through your power company. Then, you can adjust your timer to take advantage of those times when power is charged at a lower rate. Check with your local power company to find out more specifics about your area.


#2 – Easier Maintenance

You spend a great deal of time maintaining your pool so your family and friends can enjoy it as much as possible. A pool pump timer can save you some time so you can enjoy it, too! By running your pump at specific, timed intervals during the day (preferably at off-peak hours), the water is still consistently clean and safe to swim in. 

Keep in mind, too, that you can use the timer for other tasks, like adding chlorine to the pool or turning the pool lights on and off. You will know that the correct amount of chlorine is being added at the designated times, without your intervention once the timer is set. And any task that can be automated is more time for you to be with your family in the pool!

Also, running the pump at specified times means you won’t be disrupting the usage of the pool. The pump does make noise, so you can provide a calm, quiet ambiance for those using your pool by having the timer set to turn it off during those times of high usage.

easier maintenance with a pool pump timer | pool pump timers


#3 – Extended Lifespan of Pool Equipment

You can extend the life of the pump, hoses, connections, and other affected equipment by regulating how much they are used. A pool pump timer does this for you. The wear and tear is reduced, which means all the equipment will last longer. You won’t have to replace components as frequently, saving you more money in the long run. 

A logical question here is how long a timer itself lasts. The answer depends on the quality of the timer you bought and its features. Some basic timers cost a few hundred dollars while others with more capabilities might run over $1,000. In general, pool timers can last a few years to a decade, based on the make and model. 


#4 – Increased Safety

A pool pump that runs continuously can create a hazard for those in the pool, especially children and older adults. Strong currents are created with a constant flow of water in the pool. These currents can pull people with less strength toward the intake grate and hold them there underwater. Tragic accidents can happen, which is the last thing you want to see in your swimming pool.

A pool pump timer can be set so that the pump isn’t running when people are usually in the pool. This increases the safety of those in the pool and reduces the risks of injury or drowning.

increased safety with a pool pump timer | pool pump timers


Bring Automation and Efficiency to Your Pool With a Pool Pump Timer

Pool pump timers control when the pump turns on, how long it stays on, and when it turns off. As you can see, installing a timer can provide many valuable benefits for swimming pool owners. Energy usage will be reduced and pool equipment operating with the timer will last longer. You will find your pool maintenance time is reduced and the safety of your pool is even increased, too.

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