In some parts of the country, swimming pool owners are already thinking about reopening the pool after winter. But, even if you live in a colder climate, it’s not too soon to take inventory of your supplies and lay out a plan for reopening your pool as soon as you can. Your family and friends will thank you!

Here are some pro tips on how to open a pool in the spring that will get your family and friends out of the house and into the pool as soon as the weather warms up!


Opening Your Pool in the Spring Like a Pro

Before we get to the tips, new pool owners may be wondering when it’s warm enough to open their pool. Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, the daily high temperature needs to be above 65-70 degrees consistently. 

Don’t jump at the first nice day, do a lot of work, and then have to stop when the temp drops for the next week. Be patient and save yourself time and money!

But, once you’re starting to get into consistent warmer temperatures, follow these 10 tips to properly reopen your pool:

#1 – Drain the Water Off the Cover and Then Remove It

The pool cover has been doing its job all winter by keeping debris of all kinds out of the pool. So, when you are ready to open up your pool again, don’t take the cover off without draining or pumping the water off the top first. After doing that, have someone help you remove the cover. It’s easier with a helper and it minimizes the chance of any smaller debris getting into the pool water.


#2 – Store the Cover with Care

The cover will last longer if you prepare it before stowing it away. Lay it out on a flat surface and brush off any residue. Let it completely dry while laid out flat and then treat it with talcum powder or an alkalinity increaser; these will stop mildew and mold from growing on the cover once it’s folded away. Take your time folding it so you don’t tear or crack it. Once it’s dried, treated, and folded, store it in a cool, dry place.


#3 – Reconnect All Disconnected Equipment

When you closed the pool for the winter, you disconnected the pump, heater, filter, and automatic vacuum. So, these now need to be reconnected. 

As you carry out this task, check each component for necessary repairs or replacements. It’s better to catch those now than after the pool is back in operation. Lubricate seals, O-rings, and other connections with a silicon-based lubricant. Finally, set up any other accessories you took down, like any handrails, etc. 

reconnecting pool equipment | tips for reopening your pool

#4 – Replace Winterizing Drain Plugs with Summer Plugs

Your winterizing drain plugs did their job protecting the pool pipes during any freezing weather. Now it’s time to change them back to the normal drain plugs. This is another reason for being patient before reopening the pool: you don’t want to have the normal plugs back in and experience another freeze. 


#5 – Bring the Water Level Back to Normal

When you winterized the pool, you probably removed some of the water. It’s time to replace that water and bring the pool back to its normal level. Generally, this is halfway up the tile or the middle of the skimmer opening. 


#6 – Turn the Filtration System Back On

You’ll need to prime the pump and then turn on the circulation and filtration system. Open the air relief valve on the filter to bleed the air out. Close the valve once the water starts to spurt out.  Make sure to turn the system back off if you notice any leaks or noises you don’t recognize.


#7 – Remove Metal Stains

Throughout the swimming season, you control for metals in the water like copper and iron, especially if you use well water or have copper plumbing in the pool. These metals build up over the winter while the pool is closed and they can cause stains in the pool. Use a metal stain remover in the pool water. It’s a good idea to do this when reopening the pool even if you don’t have any staining. This will prevent stains from appearing after you have reopened the pool.


#8 – Test and Balance the Water

Now that you have gotten this far in the reopening process, it’s time to test the water. Test for pH level, stabilizer levels, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity. Test for alkalinity first, so that the other chemical levels have a chance to come to appropriate levels. Then you can go on to balance the pH and calcium hardness. Your goal, of course, is to bring the water to safe levels for swimming and enjoying your pool.

testing water to reopen pool | tips for reopening your pool

#9 – Brush and Vacuum the Pool

No matter how good your pool cover is or how carefully you removed it, there will be some debris in the pool. Now is the time to vacuum the pool and clean things up. Brush the floor and walls, beginning from the shallow end. This will get rid of bacteria, algal spores, and algae from the pool and will prevent them from clinging to the floor and walls and possibly even turning your pool cloudy or green. When you have finished, the filtration system should run overnight to eliminate any remaining contaminants in the water.


#10 – Shock the Water to Kill Bacteria

Now it’s time to shock the pool to rid the water of anything remaining that might be harmful to humans. After shocking, run the circulation system for a minimum of two hours. Add an algaecide and your pool is ready!


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tips for reopening your pool | reopening pool after winter | how to reopen your pool

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