You have probably seen swimming pools with beautiful waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, or other water features that add a calming environment to the pool area. What you may not know, though, is those features have another purpose: They are aerating the pool’s water. 

An aerator adds oxygen to the water in a swimming pool, which helps improve the quality of the water for swimmers. The question is why use a pool aerator in your pool?

This article will describe the benefits of a pool aerator as well as an overview of the types of aerators. You can then determine if you need one for your swimming pool and which kind is best for your purposes.


The Top Benefits of a Pool Aerator

Here are the 5 top benefits of having an aerator in your swimming pool: 

#1 – Increases Oxygenation and Circulation

Those fountains and deck jets, as well as other water features commonly seen in and around pools, are oxygenating and circulating the water. Simply put, the flowing or shooting water leaves the pool and actively comes into contact with the air around the pool. As it does this, it picks up oxygen and puts it into the water as it returns to the pool. 


#2 – Regulates the Temperature

This circulating water flowing through an aerator is also working to regulate the temperature of the pool’s water. Within the course of a typical week, the water in the pool will increase (or decrease) based on the weather. As the summer heats up, the temperature in the pool will climb. With a standard aerator, the pool return line is connected to the aerator so the water is constantly recirculated. Thus, evening out the water temperature.


#3 – Maintains Proper pH Balance

The aerator helps maintain the proper pH balance in the swimming pool and adds air to the water, stopping the growth of dangerous bacteria and algae. The fluctuation of the pH of the pool water can have many causes, one of those being sunlight. Direct sunlight on the pool increases the rate of dissolution of chlorine, which in turn increases the pH. Also, wind increases the evaporation of water, which can also increase the pH.

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#4 – Reduces Pool Maintenance

As we’ve seen, pool aerators work to maintain balanced pool chemistry. This is a critical factor in ensuring a healthy swimming environment for your family and friends. Let the aerator do all this, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool!


#5 – Improves Overall Water Quality

To wrap it all up, a pool aerator gives you the assurance that your swimming pool is well-maintained and ready to enjoy. The water quality is the best it can be, with less work on your part as the aerator takes over. And that’s what all your work is for, right?

So, what type of pool aerator will be the best for your particular circumstances? Read on!


Types of Pool Aerators

There are several categories of aerators to consider: mechanical, solar, submersible, and floating. Here is a breakdown of each type:

Mechanical Pool Aerators

Mechanical pool aerators attach to the pool jets and use the water pressure going back into the pool to shoot streams of water into the air. The results are a cooling effect on the water, a reduction in bacteria and algae growth, and a natural way of balancing the chemistry of the pool’s water. Mechanical pool aerators are also cost-effective, easy to maintain, and easy to install.


Solar Pool Aerators

Pool aerators powered by the sun offer a solid choice if you want an effective way to also help keep your pool’s water clean and safe.  The source of power is free, so solar aerators are cost-effective and energy-efficient. These aerators work by using solar panels to power the pump that circulates the water in the pool. This allows more oxygen absorption and distribution into the water, resulting in clear, balanced water with very little bacteria and algae growth. Another plus is that solar aerators are relatively maintenance-free. 


Submersible Pool Aerators

Just as the name implies, these aerators are placed at the bottom of the pool. This means they are infusing oxygen into the water from the bottom up. Installation and maintenance are easy, making them a popular choice. Sometimes, they are used along with solar aerators, making the combination even more energy efficient.

submersible pool aerator | benefits of a pool aerator | why use a pool aerator


Floating Pool Aerators

These aerators float on the surface of the pool’s water. As they float and move around, they are releasing oxygen bubbles into the water. Floating pool aerators keep pool water oxygenated, are efficient, and are easy to use. As with the other types of aerators, they help keep the pool clean and also improve the circulation and clarity of the water.

The type of aerator that is best for your pool will be determined first by the size of your pool. Beyond that, you must also take into consideration the desired flow rate and filter system as well as which type best keeps the pool water clean and balanced. 


To Aerate Your Pool or Not? 

We have discussed the top five benefits of adding an aeration system to your pool as well as the purpose and function of a variety of aerators. Your decision to use a pool aerator depends on several things: the size of your pool, how often it is used, your budget, and the water quality you want. With the right choice for your situation, your pool’s water will be fully oxygenated with the water quality vastly improved. With enough facts and the proper equipment, you can enjoy your pool and keep it in pristine condition all season long!

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