Put a lush garden area together with a large pool of water and you have a natural magnet for spiders, snakes, and an array of other critters. You love your swimming pool for its recreational value while the critters are grateful you provide a source of hydration and in some cases, a place to lay eggs. 

There are nearly 10 million pools in the US, about 5 million of them in-ground. It’s not realistic to think people will give them up to eliminate the problem of insects and wildlife invading all these pools. 

Here are the facts you need to cohabitate with–or divert–the other populations that want to enjoy your pool, too.


Flying Insects

Let’s face it: flying insects are a nuisance to people trying to enjoy any backyard pool paradise. Some of these insects, like midges and mosquitoes, are drawn to the pool by the bright lights. But they also seek out such areas as an egg-laying destination because their immature stages must develop in water.

June beetles and mole crickets are also attracted to the lights of a swimming pool. Unfortunately, these insects often end up in the pool, especially if the pool’s chlorine hasn’t been maintained properly. The scum/algae associated with water like this is perfect for an insect breeding ground. Not a pleasing environment for humans, though.

Some aquatic insects spend their lives in or around water but can survive outside such an environment. Yet, they will fly long distances to find one, and once there, they settle in. In fact, the backswimmer and giant water bugs will deliver a painful bite if disturbed. 

Then there are bees. These stinging insects flock to pools as a way to cool off, just like humans, and as a place to hydrate their young. Bees also use the water from a pool to maintain the temperature of their hive. If they find a place they like, they will flock to the area by the dozen.

Insects love water and don’t distinguish between a swimming pool, a garden pond, or a standing pan of water. But there are also other kinds of wildlife that can invade swimming pools, either intentionally or accidentally.

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Small Animals

If your backyard contains a swimming pool as well as a garden area, you will be visited by critters that hop, slither, fly, crawl, and sometimes fall into the pool. Hummingbirds, frogs, squirrels, rabbits, mice, skunks, chipmunks, lizards, ducks, fledgling birds, and turtles are just a few of these critters. A major problem these animals have if they manage to fall into the pool is getting out. 

The ninety-degree sides of most pools don’t provide enough of a slope for animals to crawl out. It’s one thing to skim leaves out of the pool; it’s another to retrieve dead animals and even worse a family pet.

Snakes are another common thing you may occasionally find swimming in the pool or curled up around/near your pool equipment. Especially when the weather starts getting cooler and they are looking for dark, warm places to hide. Always be mindful when going near or opening pool equipment housings or the pool’s skimmer.

Raccoons are cute to look at but are pests around humans for a variety of reasons. As a swimming pool owner, you need to keep raccoons out of the water. Watch for raccoon feces in the pool and around the outside of the pool area where people walk. Their feces often contains a worm that can infect people, especially kids, and causes neurological problems.

Salmonella and other pathogens are carried by frogs and other reptiles. This is unwelcome news for the chemistry of the water in the swimming pool. Like the problems with the raccoon, many animals carry unhealthy bacteria on or in them, and when they get trapped in a pool, that bacteria is deposited in the water people are supposed to swim in.

Though it won’t keep every kind of insect and small animal out (specifically very small ones), having a pool enclosure over your pool area can help reduce the instances of these types of things ending up in your pool.

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Although most are “small animals,” their relationship with the family deserves additional consideration. Many families allow their pets into the pool to swim, both to play with their humans and also as a form of exercise for the animal. This gives the pet the idea that being in the pool is fine, whether you are there or not. Not all breeds of dogs are good swimmers and older dogs can tire before they can get out of the water. If you have a dog with vision problems, there are additional dangers when they try to find an exit. 

Cats generally stay away from water, but can still be frightened into the pool by accident or by being chased by another animal. Although most cats are good swimmers, they don’t have much power and stamina. Panic can set in before the crisis is over. It’s up to you as the pool and pet owner to keep your pets safe in the swimming pool.


Expert Advice on How to Keep Spiders, Snakes, and Other Critters Out of Your Pool


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No one likes to see a living thing drown in their pool, even if it’s a family of toads that got into the pool but couldn’t get out. Insects, animals, and pets will always be around swimming pool areas. The question is how to control their population while keeping the pool clean and safe for your family and guests. 

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