You and your family have enjoyed your pool for several years and now you’re ready to transform the entire pool area into a luxurious, calming sanctuary. It won’t be hard to do with some pool upgrades in decor, landscaping, and outdoor furniture. Then, sit back and enjoy the fresh air around the pool with your guests and family!

In this article, we will suggest some easy ways to upgrade your pool that will turn it into the luxury oasis you envision!


6 Easy Pool Upgrades to Add a Touch of Luxury

In our previous article, we covered easy, low-cost upgrades for an existing pool area, and now it’s time to take it up another level with ways you can upgrade your pool to add a luxurious feel. Let’s start with these ideas:

Level-Up Your Lighting

There is no doubt that well-placed lighting is an easy way to upgrade an area, especially in and around a pool with its reflective properties. Adding pool and landscape lighting can quickly transform an area and bring a new level of elegance at night time. It can be as simple as changing the color of the bulbs in your existing lights with specialized color-changing LED alternatives. 

You can take it one step further with magnetic underwater lights that secure onto the pool walls. They can be programmed to create a beautiful water display by connecting the lights to your smartphone. The result is a customized colorscape that even syncs to your music!

Floating solar lights are another easy way to add an elevated effect to your pool. Choose floating globes, Chinese lanterns, geometric shapes, or any decor that brings a soothing ambiance to your sanctuary. 


Add an Outdoor Kitchen

There is no doubt your backyard retreat’s usability will be extended with an outdoor kitchen. It can be a small cooking area or you can let your imagination go wild! When complete, the entire space will be more functional, with added living space, more area to host a backyard party, and increased value added to your property. Your guests will love it. They can swim and lounge around the pool as you cook and socialize with everyone! 

outdoor kitchen at pool | luxurious upgrades for your pool | pool upgrade ideas

The materials you use for your outdoor kitchen can match the existing pool deck and furniture to save money. Or you can start over again with a total remodel. Many companies specialize in outdoor kitchens where you can find everything from rustic wood, stone, and rock features to sleek modern designs. 


Increase the Available Eating and Gathering Areas

Once the food is cooked, why not eat outside too? It can be getting a new outdoor dining table and chairs for the pool deck or the addition of a gazebo complete with both seating and dining areas. A poolside pergola covered with luxurious vines and an abundance of plants in containers can also provide shade while eating during the day and beautiful lighting at night for dining al fresco.

There are many options to choose from with your outdoor eating area, too, including:

A New Poolside Sitting Area

It might be some café chairs and a table, a complete sofa set, or a rustic dining table. Whatever you choose for your pool area, having ample comfortable seating will make relaxing and having a meal next to the water an enjoyable experience.

At The Bar

A tiki bar or even simply a counter connecting the pool area to the kitchen provides space for eating as well as drinking. 

In the Pool

For some, this is the most luxurious way to enjoy food at the pool. Snacking is easier and even more fun with in-pool benches or sunken lounge areas.


Add a Built-in Fire Pit / Water Fall

We suggested a fireplace in your pool area in our earlier DIY landscaping article, but new designs for fire pits have become even more popular since then. With dazzling flames and bubbling waterfalls, your pool will be the envy of your neighborhood. You can warm up near the fire, while also providing dramatic lighting and flowing water to add to the ambiance of your pool.


Add a Built-In Hot Tub or Spa

A relaxing soak in a hot tub next to–or in!–your pool is the height of luxury. You and your guests can swim and then warm themselves in the tub, especially once the sun goes down. Imagine a combination of the hot tub, pool, and an in-water bar connecting both to enjoy a cool drink with friends. 

hot tub in the pool | luxurious upgrades for your pool | pool upgrade ideas


Add a Fountain

You can choose from floating fountains for in the pool, stand-along fountains on the pool deck, or built-in fountains as part of the pool edge. The fountain aerates the water and adds a soothing background noise for lounging.


Your Imagination and Budget Are the Only Limits!

It’s an exciting task to upgrade your pool so you will have a stunning outdoor sanctuary. Whether you add to or replace some of the features, your pool will become the cool, calming oasis you envision. Lighting, fountains, fire features, a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, and poolside or in-pool eating areas are features to consider.

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